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but they wont have much of a life left to live anyway. Oh, and they will probably have to work 2 3 jobs afterwards. Health insurance in the USA is enough to make a person sick. ironically. PS. if your health insurance company does make you sick, it is probably caused by a pre existing condition and not covered by the insurance. I am working on a school report paper. Could you please give me more information on your health care system?Like do you have to pay a monthly premium or it a health card given to everyone from the government?Does the health card cover drugs or do you have to have a different drug card?How much does the drug card cost and what does it cover?If everyone is given a health card and doesn't have to pay for it how does the government afford this?I heard that Canada sales tax is like 17% to cover the government paying for health care is this true?All the information you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. first, thanks for the article, helped me a lot with a paper im doing. Canadian vs Us health care systems.

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She had been tested about a dozen times in a two year period for thyroid issues but it was being masked. To confirm the MTHFR she did have to pay for genetic tests to confirm. Lasting, 20 years ago my brother became very ill and it took 5 years for doctors to discover he suffered from Hemochromatosis, the form that is by hereditary. I was recently tested, I am a carrier. I am undergoing more tests in relation to Marfan Syndrome as MRI'S show I have two aneurysms; aorta just below the heart and in right carotid. I have suffered TIA's, mini strokes. About 12 since 2000. Some are extreme enough to make me look, act, talk as if I've have too much alcohol. This sounds like the story of my life, but thankfully I am now 76yrs. old, and feel like I have fought and conquered the battle. One has to take charge of their health and well being, and pursue what they think works for them.

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American corporations have foreign facilities or operations. Americans travel internationally with relative ease. For those living in states that adjoin Canada or Mexico, international travel can be accomplished simply by driving across the border. At the same time, insurance policies sold in the United States frequently contain territorial limitations on coverage that superficially seem out of place when compared to many aspects of . Health care landscape has changed with the introduction of the ACA and will keep changing due to the proposed repeal. The only constant is the desire of health plans and providers to maximize profits and minimize costs, which is attainable through consolidation.