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I am sorry but I am a person who likes high quality service and will pay the extra to get it. Now for those who are saying money money money blah blah blah I'm broke blah blah blah. get a job. My mother had four kids and two deadbeat ex's not willing or able to pay any child support and I personally had a rheumatic illness which and i needed shots every month to stay out of the Hospital. You know how she afforded our high cost of living?She found two jobs neither of which required anything more than a high school diploma or GED and worked. So to those who say Canadian is better because its low costing or free is either a free loader or honestly doesn't require the high quality service of getting assistance when its convenient for themselves and of which case is fine. This is my bias and self observed opinion and though I am not saying our is perfect I am saying, to my standards, it is the better of the twoPeople in the us also wait long times in emergency in some areas. I live near Muncie Indiana and took my dad to the er in Muncie. He was 81 years old with copd, and lung cancer. He was very ill. They would not tell me how long we had to wait but said it would be some time.

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You guys are proud of your healthcare system and I am proud of mine too. Although, our health insurance is expensive, but we are provided with the best care. No waiting list for months. and that is something that I am proud of. So my question is, how come Canadians travel to the US to get medical care if your healthcare system is excellent?We have seen mostly Canadians' license plates in Mayo Clinic parking lot here in Minnesota. In Ontario we don't pay monthly health premiums but yearly health premiums, and for a middle class person like myself I only pay $600 dollars a year which is included in my Income tax.

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